How to hard boil your egg

Did you know that eggs are one of the foods with more protein? Therefore, the Spanish Community Nutrition Society recommends that we consume them three to four times a week. Its moderate consumption provides the nutrients that our body needs for a healthy life in addition to iron, zinc, vitamin D to strengthen bones and two antioxidant nutrients (lutein and zeaxanthin) that protect our eye system.

There are endless ways to cook an egg, but cooking the hard-boiled egg is one of our favorites, because of its versatility and how easy it is to keep them afterwards.

If you've tried, you still have not caught the point, you do not know the cooking time, the yolk never stays in the center and it has a greenish tone, and the shell opens while you're cooking it. keep reading! We have the tricks to make the perfect hard-boiled egg.

1. Let the eggs temper for one hour. With this you will achieve that the shell does not break and does not crack when the egg is cooked.

Before making the hard egg, it must be tempered.

2. Pierce the ends of the egg. The hole has to be small so make them with a pin, it serves. In this way, what you are causing is that during cooking the air is released from inside the shell and does not break.

3. Bring water to a boil. It will take very little if you heat it on your induction plate . Once the water boils, it is time to lower the heat and add the egg carefully so that the shell does not break when hitting the bottom.

4. Remove the egg in the same direction for 3 minutes. Thus the yolk will set in the center of the egg. Afterwards, with the hot water the egg will continue rotating favoring that the white one will cook around the center of the yolk.

Trick so that the yolk of the hard egg is in the center.

5. Cook the egg for 15 minutes. It is the necessary time so that the white one is cooked and the yolk is juicy.

6. Chill the egg in ice water. Removing the eggs from the fire is not stopping cooking because the residual heat that remains in the shell continues to cook the egg. For this, put the egg in a bowl with water and cubes to cool. Not only will you be finishing cooking, it will also be easier to remove the peel.

7. One way to cook many boiled eggs at once is to put them in the oven. Do you want to know how? Watch out for this #cocinaconBosch trick to prepare and peel a lot of boiled eggs in no time.

How to make a hard egg in the microwave

Save time and get fast and incredible results by following a few simple steps

The eggs are a food is never lacking in the fridge and the handiest to make a late dinner. If you are one of those who resort to the French omelette for speed and convenience, you must know how to make hard boiled eggs easily and simply to vary your options when you have little time.

In this way, you can include the hard-boiled egg in dishes such as salads or simply fill them with the succulent mayonnaise and tuna, with salmon, with prawns, etc.

How to boil an egg perfectly taking into account the laws of physics
How many minutes do you have to leave a boiling egg so that it is perfect? Most of us have a generic answer to that question, but I already told you that we all do badly. The quantum physicist Milosz Panfil has calculated the exact formula for cooking an egg, and it is simply fascinating.

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The eggs are much more complicated than they appear from the outside. The yolk and the white are formed by different combinations of proteins and fats, and react differently to temperature. The clear, for example, coagulates much before the yolk.

But the factors that affect its cooking are just beginning. The size or weight of the egg influence. It also influences the initial temperature at which the egg is. It is not the same one fresh from the refrigerator than one at room temperature. To finish off, there is a crucial factor that nobody takes into account: the height at which you live.

The height influences the atmospheric pressure, and this in turn determines the boiling point of the water. In other words, if you live high above sea level (on the mountain, the floor you live on does not matter) you need more time to cook the egg. The physicist of the University of Exeter Charles DH Williams summarizes everything in this beautiful equation :

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The definitive instructions for the perfect egg
Voucher! Very well! It takes a lot of calculations, but you've come this far with the eggs in your hand and they're not going to cook on their own. How does this translate into practice? Well, in this great calculator .

Illustration for article titled How to boil an egg perfectly, taking into account the laws of physics
Screenshot: Omnicalculator

The calculator offers the cooking time to obtain a soft boiled egg or a hard boiled egg. For this we have to choose between several options such as its size, temperature or the height at which we live. For the process to be perfect you also have to follow some simple instructions:

Put water to boil (and wait for it to boil)
Add half a tablespoon of salt so that the eggs do not break. For an optimal result it is better that the eggs are at room temperature.
Be generous with water. When you put the egg, the temperature of the water drops and we do not want it to go down a lot and the cooking is interrupted when you start. Just put it in, start the timer.
When the time indicated by the calculator has passed, remove the eggs and put them in a couple of minutes under the cold water jet to interrupt cooking.


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