All the ways to cook the egg

On the occasion of World Egg Day (yes it exists!), This October 14, we take stock of the thousand and one ways to cook this tasty and inexpensive ingredient.

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The egg, a healthy ally?
Bad for the body? Too high in cholesterol? We hear everything and anything about the egg. But let's clear things up, the egg is not bad for the health, quite the contrary: it is a nutritional treasure. If egg yolks are one of the foods that actually contain the highest amount of cholesterol (about 370 mg per egg), it does not stay in the body. It is scientifically established that cholesterol in food is only negligently absorbed by the intestine (up to 25%). The real culprit is the liver (cholesterol producer up to 75%). The consumption of eggs would therefore not be responsible for our bad cholesterol. But our unbalanced diet rich in fatty acids, if: cream, butter, cheese, yogurt and fat are the real culprits. Rich in vitamins, good for the line, for the brain and for the taste buds, we do not hesitate to include the egg in our recipes.

How to cook it?
Boiled, calf, hard, poached or perfect, there are a thousand and one ways to cook eggs. A short overview.

Boiled egg
 The boiled egg, washed with black truffle by Hélène Darroze
To be tested urgently, Chef Hélène Darroze's haute cuisine recipe with black truffle, fleur de sel and Espelette pepper. See the boiled egg recipe.
Photo Bernhard Winkelmann / Madame Figaro
Just cooked, the boiled egg is both melting and intense. A true delight.

To prepare it: Remove the eggs from the refrigerator 15 minutes before cooking. Bring a large volume of water to the boil, remove from the heat and add the eggs with a spoon. Bring back to boil and cover. Count 3 minutes, remove them, and arrange them in an egg cup. Open the top of the egg with a knife and you're done.
What accompaniment? For a refined preparation, we add fine carrots, soft tofu, chives and fleur de sel as in this vegetarian recipe for young vegetables . To be tested also, the haute cuisine recipe of chef Hélène Darroze, with black truffle, fleur de sel and Espelette pepper . Asked in 2015, the chief confided"The egg is my favorite ingredient. I adore it in all its forms, salty or sweet, hard or soft, eggs casserole, eggs with milk, eggs mimosa, eggs Benedicte ... They lend themselves to so much preparation that it is almost more than a simple ingredient.

Poched egg
Sinked inside and cooked outside, the boiled egg is a surprise for anyone who sees it running on its plate.

To prepare it: here, the principle is the same as for the boiled egg. Take out the eggs a few minutes before cooking. In a saucepan of bubbling water, add the eggs and cover. Just this time, count 5 minutes of cooking. Then pass the eggs under cold water for easy shelling.

What accompaniment? Grilled vegetables, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, freshly ground pepper, fresh garlic and chives as in this simple and healthy recipe . We also fall for this preparation of chef Jean-André Charial who offers us a half-raw version, half-cooked with its soft egg salad carrots, turnips, onions, asparagus, olive oil and white vinegar . And for Sunday brunch, nothing like a crispy preparation with shallots, ventrèche and toast . Even more chic, until the end of October at the Royal Monceau, chef Laurent André prepares a " Croq'KrugComposed of an egg and slices of truffles, mouillettes, all accompanied by a glass of Krug Grand Cuvée. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, so we will consume with moderation.

Poached egg
 Roasted asparagus and poached egg with smoked duck breast
An easy chic preparation.
See the recipe for roasted asparagus and poached egg.

Photo Claude Herlédan
Few people make the difference between soft-boiled egg and poached egg. The fact is that it is primarily aesthetic. And greedy. Highly prized by the chefs and more technical to make, the poached egg is perfectly balanced: it flows on the tongue and melts on the palate.

To prepare it: take the eggs out of the refrigerator one or two minutes before boiling a large amount of water in a saucepan. Break the egg into a container then pour gently into the water. Allow the egg to coagulate for 30 seconds then, using a skimmer, bring the filaments of white around the yolk all the way through the cooking process. Cook for four minutes and remove the eggs with the skimmer. Drain on paper towels. To taste immediately.
What accompaniment? For lunch, we love this sandwich with fresh goat cheese, poached egg and raw ham, made with a slice of crispy country bread (enough to delight the taste buds of our guests quickly and simply). For a more chic recipe, mix itpoached egg with roasted asparagus and slices of smoked duck breast .

Hard egg
More standard but not less greedy, the boiled egg is eaten as well alone as in salad.

To prepare it: take the eggs out of the fridge at least an hour in advance. Bring a large volume of water to a boil and gently immerse the eggs. Count 8 minutes and remove. Pass them under cold water and then roll them gently on the work plan to shovel them more easily.

We love homemade boiled eggs in a pumpkin salad, bacon, walnut oil and or in a harmonious mix of green beans, capers, shallots and chives . And for a deconstructed entry, we try this verrine of cottage cheese, leaves of escarole and beetroot . On the go, for special occasions.

Freshness tip
If in doubt about the freshness of your egg, immerse in a bowl of cold water. If it stays at the bottom of the salad bowl in a horizontal position, it is because its freshness is not in doubt; if he stands up, he is a little less cool; if it goes back to the surface, it is that it is not fresh at all, it must then avoid consuming it.

Perfect egg
Cheerful chef, both aesthetic and mellow, the perfect egg is a delicate product that is part of the standards of haute cuisine.

To prepare it: the perfect egg requires perfect preparation. Take the eggs out of the fridge at least an hour in advance. In a saucepan, pour water and raise the temperature to 64 ° C, then stabilize at this temperature. Let the eggs cook for 60 to 65 minutes before serving. Easy to say, less to realize, but once the technique is well mastered we will have the privilege to taste perfect eggs.
What accompaniment? Honey, lemon, nutmeg and vegetables, chef Yannick Alléno offers a refined and delicate recipe . An exceptional dish.

Fried egg
Inratable or almost, the fried egg is one of the simplest cooking recipes to make. Fortunately, it does not lose its flavors. The yellow remains flowing and the white of the most crispy.

To prepare it: oil a small skillet and heat over medium heat. Break the eggs gently into the pan without breaking the yolk. Cook for a few minutes. Salt, pepper and serve.
What accompaniment? We appreciate the fried egg delicately placed on a sheet of brig and his provencal ratatouille or riding on a gratin of baked potatoes, Comté and bean sprouts .

 Eggs casserole with candied tomatoes and green olives caviar
A simple recipe, ready in 15 minutes.
See the recipe egg casserole with tomatoes confit.

Brand Mark
Egg casserole
Quickly prepared with fresh cream, eggs casserole are perfect for a meal on the run.

To prepare it: There are different ways to cook the egg casserole. In casseroles, in the oven, in a bain-marie, between 5 and 15 minutes between 160 ° C and 240 ° C, or in the microwave (it takes from 30 seconds to 1 minute at maximum power).
What accompaniment? Tonight, it's egg casserole with tomatoes confit and caviar of green olives . A simple recipe, ready in 15 minutes, but certainly not without taste. And for a chic dish, we love this Verrine with foie gras, crème fraîche and freshly ground pepper . A real delight!

Benedictine egg
Great classic brunch, the Benedictine egg adapts to all our desires.

To prepare it: make poached eggs and cut English muffins in half. Add the ingredients and enjoy.
What accompaniment? Nothing like Sunday morning, a classic American-style brunch. Eggs Benedict, bacon, tomatoes, chives and potatoes as in this recipe from New York . And for a French version, we mix for this recipe wine vinegar, saint-nectaire and pepper .

Scrambled eggs
Moist and creamy, the scrambled eggs are enjoyed as well as they are well accompanied.

To prepare them: there are several cooking schools boiled eggs. For all, it is necessary to begin by breaking the eggs in a salad bowl, salt, pepper and beat with the fork as for an omelette. Then pour the contents of the salad bowl into a pan and stir continuously. Add the milk last. If not, transfer the mixture to a small saucepan and cook in a bain-marie over medium heat and finally, for the most impatient, microwave in the microwave at medium heat for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, stirring several times. time. And for the greediest, replace the milk with cream, for a smother even more scramble.
What accompaniment? For a deluxe Italian-style breakfast, try this delicaterecipe with truffles and ham Consorcio Serrano and for an original and sophisticated amuse-bouche, we surprise our guests with these toast with scrambled eggs and bottarga .

And to be sure to succeed, follow the advice of Chef Pierre Lefebvre to make smooth scrambled eggs.


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