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How to hard boil your egg

Did you know that eggs are one of the foods with more protein? Therefore, the Spanish Community Nutrition Society recommends that we consume them three to four times a week. Its moderate consumption provides the nutrients that our body needs for a healthy life in addition to iron, zinc, vitamin D to strengthen bones and two antioxidant nutrients (lutein and zeaxanthin) that protect our eye system.

There are endless ways to cook an egg, but cooking the hard-boiled egg is one of our favorites, because of its versatility and how easy it is to keep them afterwards.

If you've tried, you still have not caught the point, you do not know the cooking time, the yolk never stays in the center and it has a greenish tone, and the shell opens while you're cooking it. keep reading! We have the tricks to make the perfect hard-boiled egg.

1. Let the eggs temper for one hour. With this you will achieve that the shell does not break and does not crack when the egg is cooked.

Before making the h…

All the ways to cook the egg

On the occasion of World Egg Day (yes it exists!), This October 14, we take stock of the thousand and one ways to cook this tasty and inexpensive ingredient.

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The egg, a healthy ally?
Bad for the body? Too high in cholesterol? We hear everything and anything about the egg. But let's clear things up, the egg is not bad for the health, quite the contrary: it is a nutritional treasure. If egg yolks are one of the foods that actually contain the highest amount of cholesterol (about 370 mg per egg), it does not stay in the body. It is scientifically established that cholesterol in food is only negligently absorbed by the intestine (up to 25%). The real culprit is the liver (cholesterol producer up to 75%). The consumption of eggs would therefore not be responsible for our bad cholesterol. But our unbalance…