How to cook a hard boiled egg?

The hard boiled egg is a must for salads, picnics, and even snacks. If cooking a hard-boiled egg looks simple at first, you have to make sure you respect the cooking time, while adapting it to the type of egg you want to cook. Discover all our tips to easily cook a hard boiled egg and prepare many recipes.

To cook your eggs like professionals, follow our advice and stick to these simple rules . Take the opportunity to take a detour and get inspired by one of our best egg recipes!

What is the cooking time for a hard boiled egg?
The cooking time of the hard egg is the central element of the preparation : if the egg stays a little too much in the water, it will be overcooked, if not a little dry; if it does not remain enough, it will be calf, that is to say, not sufficiently cooked, still flowing. To obtain a boiled egg, you only need to follow the average cooking time, which is 10 minutes in boiling water. Remember to bring a timer so you do not forget the eggs on the fire; it is he who rings and who warns you when they are cooked, then you do not risk to miss their cooking!

Once cooked, savor them as they are with mayonnaise or incorporate them into many of our tasty recipes such as vegetable egg au gratin , scotch fried egg , or even the inimitable egg mayonnaise .

In cold water or boiling water?
The traditional cooking of the boiled egg is done in boiling water and the recipe is very simple:

1 / Start by getting your eggs out of the refrigerator so that they are at room temperature and avoid heat shock.

2 / Take a pan of water to a boil; enough water for the eggs to be submerged.

3 / Then dip the eggs in the pan with a skimmer so as not to burn your fingers and cook for 10 minutes.

4 / Once the time has elapsed, stop the heating source and take your eggs out of the pan, using the skimmer again.

The small + : By adding a few tablespoons of wine vinegar or a few pinches of salt, the shell of your boiled eggs will not burst during cooking and you will avoid eating eggs soaked in water.

But you can also easily cook hard boiled eggs in a pot of cold water :

1 / Immerse your eggs in a pan of cold water.

2 / Let them cook 4 minutes after boiling water.

3 / When the cooking time is over, cut the heat under the pan and take out your eggs with a skimmer.

The small + : This method of cooking allows you to avoid the thermal shock when you plunge the eggs in boiling water and their shell will not crack either.

Did you know that you can also cook your eggs in the oven or in the microwave? These two cooking methods are not usual but practical, look rather:

In the oven , place the eggs in a muffin pan and bake at 160 ° for 30 minutes. If you do not cook many eggs at a time, place them in the center compartments of the muffin pan. This recipe is a real time saver because you can freely take care of something else while hard boiled eggs are baked.

In the microwave , choose a suitable bowl and fill it with enough water so that the eggs are submerged . Plunge the eggs and add a few pinches of salt, which will limit the risk of explosion in the microwave and prevent the shell from cracking. For four eggs, let them cook for 6 to 9 minutes at 1100 W.

The small + : With this method of cooking, the shell is then very easily removed.

Small or big caliber, quail or goose egg, adjust the cooking time
Remember to change the cooking time of your boiled eggs according to their type and size. For quail or goose eggs, follow the previous recipes, but adjust the cooking time:

The quail eggs require 4 minutes of cooking in boiling water or 2 minutes of cooking with cold water after the start of boiling. For goose eggs , which are much larger eggs than chicken eggs, allow 9 minutes of cooking in boiling water or 12 to 15 minutes of cooking in cold water.

In cold water or boiling water?
Cooking boiled eggs is divided into two large schools: adding eggs in cold water, or directly in boiling water. In the first case , the eggs must be removed as soon as the water begins to boil. In the second version, the eggs are cooked after three minutes in boiling water.

Cooking with cold water is however not recommended if your kitchen is equipped with a particularly powerful induction hob . Indeed, even if you fill your pan with cold water, the water will heat up too quickly so that the egg has time to cook properly.

If you choose the second option , pass your eggs under a strong trickle of cold water as soon as the optimum time is reached to stop cooking immediately. The eggs continue to cook if you let them wait in their cooking water!

Another trick of cooking boiled eggs is to immerse them for a minute in boiling water before cutting the fire and let them finish cooking for 3 minutes before removing them from the water.

3, 6, 9 ... Our tips for cooking eggs

Small or big caliber, chicken or goose egg, adjust the cooking time
Push further the art of the boiled egg by adapting its cooking time to special cases! With their small size, the quail eggs wonderfully decorate a salad while giving it a special taste. To make them boiled , do not count more than two minutes of cooking in the boiling water if you like that the white is well taken, and 1 minute 30 if you prefer it rather fluent. Stay close to your timer: the margin of error is much smaller than for a chicken egg! Pass them immediately under cold water to prevent them from turning into soft eggs.

If we know stuffed or roasted goose well , its eggs are less familiar to us. Original and tasty, a goose egg weighs about three times heavier than a chicken egg. Depending on your texture preferences, boiling in the egg shell takes 7 to 11 minutes . A goose egg is more sensitive to salmonella than a chicken egg. So, it is better to eat well cooked (around 9 minutes) and very fresh. Knowing that geese only lay from February to June, and sometimes from September to October depending on the species ... With the goose egg, you get extra wide wet! Keep in mind, however, that a goose egg is much more nutritious than a chicken egg, and if you usually have two eggs per person, a single goose egg is enough.

You cook a chicken egg but want a perfect cooking according to its caliber? The recommended 3 minutes are valid for small to medium sized eggs. For large sizes, add one more minute of cooking time.


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