How to bake a hard-boiled egg

How to bake a hard boiled egg so that it is perfect? It seems very easy but we often forget the cooking time. With this trick it will not happen to you!
Do not you take the point to the hard-boiled egg , you have the soft yolk or does it pass? If you need boiled eggs for a salad or any other recipe but you never remember the cooking time, we tell you a trick that does not fail. In another article we made cheese sauce , hard boiled eggs today.

The eggs are quite delicate when exposed to heat ; half a minute up or down can be the difference. Often while you cook the eggs you are doing other things when the time comes, you turn off the fire, and leave it in water or drain the hot water and reserve it.

It seems logical, and yet by doing this according to the cooking time we have cooked the eggs can happen to us. We tell you a procedure that does not fail, saves energy and is also very easy. It serves to make boiled eggs , and also ' the past by water '


  • 3-4 eggs
  • Water
  • Utensils
  • A pot or saucepan
  • A salad bowl or container with cold water
  • Kitchen clock

How to bake a hard-boiled egg
The eggs are taken directly from the fridge, they do not need to be at room temperature. Put the eggs in a pot and fill with water until the water covers the eggs 2.5 cm above, will be fully submerged plus those 2.5 cm.
We boil the water over medium heat. When it boils turn off the fire and remove the pot. Leave the eggs in the hot water put the clock to warn you . The texture of the hard egg depends between 10-15 minutes depending on whether you like the yolk quite hard (15 m) or something softer but cooked (10 m).
 The good thing is that with this method the egg will never pass to you.
After the necessary time , remove the eggs from the pot and place them in the bowl with cold water and ice if possible . It is important to put the egg in cold water to stop cooking. If you just take the egg out of the water and leave it on a plate, for example, inside the egg there is a lot of heat accumulated and the egg is still cooking. This is the error that often occurs when we prepare boiled eggs that take very few minutos.Por example if you want to boiled eggs for breakfast, the procedure is the same but instead of let stand 10-15 minutes we leave only 5 and then remove the eggs and put them in cold water.
We already have the perfect hard boiled eggs , and to peel them? We also tell you another easy trick , you'll see that you save time and peel without problems.
Have these steps been useful for cooking a hard egg ?

How to make a perfect hard-boiled egg?

Hervé This is a French physicist-chemist, member of the "National Institute of Agricultural Research" and of the "Académie Nationale de Cuisine".
He is considered the father of what has come to be called molecular gastronomy or molecular cuisine . This is neither more nor less than the use of science to understand the physical-chemical processes that food undergoes when cooked.

The idea is that in this way, if we understand the processes that cause food to transform, we can control it and exercise a more efficient technique in the kitchen.

Do you know how long you have to cook a hard boiled egg so that it is perfect? Do you know how to center the yolk in the clear one? What should we do to prevent the shell from breaking? At what temperature do we cook it?

According to M. This, a perfect hard-boiled egg must meet a series of conditions: the shell must not be broken or stuck to the egg, it has to come out easily when we remove it; the white must be white and compact; and the yolk should be perfectly centered, well cooked but juicy, and of course without sulfur odors or greenish reflections.

The first thing to do so that the shell does not break during cooking is to practice a small hole with a pin at the base of the egg to release the air content of the small chamber of the base. This air is responsible for the breakage of the shell as it expands with temperature.

So that the yolk is centered in the clear one we will help ourselves with the centrifugal force. That's right, we only have to remove the water with some intensity from time to time during the 3 or 4 minutes of cooking. That is the time it will take the clear to solidify.

And for the egg to remain with the yolk well cooked but juicy and without the annoying greenish tones, we must control the temperature and cooking time. The greenish tones of the yolk are nothing more than iron sulphide precipitated by an excessive cooking of the proteins of the white one. Therefore, it will be crucial to establish from what temperature this happens.

Well, taking into account that the clear solidifies at 62ºC and the yolk at 68ºC, M. This recommends cooking the eggs a little more than 10 minutes at 69ºC. Of course, this "little more" will depend on the size of the egg and the initial temperature of the egg.

For those of us who do not have the possibility of exhaustive control of the cooking temperature, we will have to settle for the traditional method. The boiling water, this is at 100ºC, and a cooking range of between 8 and 10 minutes depending on the size, the initial temperature of the egg, and our personal tastes.

With this and a few tests to find the right point of creaminess to the yolk, sure we hit.


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