26 ways to cook eggs that you must know

The egg is the most basic and universal food of the kitchen. Tortilla, frittata, shakshuka ... each country has its own recipes and techniques to showcase the egg. From the most famous to the most fashionable, here are 26 ways to cook the eggs you need to know.

The egg is the most basic and universal food of the kitchen. Tortilla, frittata, shakshuka ... each country has its own recipes and techniques to showcase the egg. From the most famous to the most fashionable, here are 26 ways to cook the eggs you need to know.

How to cook the whole egg with shell?

Simply dipped whole, with its shell, in a pot of boiling water, the egg, depending on the cooking time, can be your choice shell, calf or hard. The easy trick to remember to cook them is to remember the 3-6-9 rule. 3 minutes from boiling boiling, 6 minutes cooking for a boiled egg and 9 minutes for a boiled egg. Obviously, there are also in-between like the creamy egg, which is slightly less cooked than a hard egg, so the white is c…

What is the cooking time for a hard egg?

Need to make boiled eggs for a picnic? Or for an entree hard boiled mayonnaise? Wondering how long you will have to cook a hard-boiled egg? St├ęphane Blanchet, chef and founder of Initiation Gourmande, shows you how to perfectly succeed this simple and basic recipe: cook a hard-boiled egg. To do this, immerse your egg in boiling water with a slotted spoon once the water boils. The cooking time: between 10 and 12 minutes maximum. Be careful not to let it cook for longer, otherwise the egg yolk will darken on the sides. Once the past ten minutes, pour the egg in cold water to stop cooking. Once the shell is removed, you just have to eat. Enjoy your meal !

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Cooking method for hard boiled eggs: well rounded eggs, well centered yellow!

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How to cook hard boiled eggs?

Eggs are a good source of protein and allow for quick meals. Hard boiled eggs are very practical, since they can be prepared in advance and used in several recipes.

Here's how to make boiled eggs in 4 steps.
1 st step
The eggs are put in a pan of cold water. Cover with a lid and bring to a boil. If you put the cold eggs in boiling water, the shell may crack and the egg to escape.

How to cook hard boiled eggs in 4 steps - step 1
2 e step
Once the water is boiling, close the circle and wait 10 minutes, always with the lid, for the eggs to cook.

How to cook hard boiled eggs in 4 steps - step 2
3 e step
When the time is up, cool the eggs quickly in cold water. This prevents a black ring from forming in the egg yolk: this happens when the egg is overcooked.

How to cook hard boiled eggs in 4 steps - step 3
4 th step
To shell the eggs, gently tap the rounded end of the shell and remove the shell starting at the base. To finish the job, you can put the egg in a bowl of water, it will be …

How to make a hard egg without saucepan (the egg to the kettle)

This is a great tip that we piqued students. If you are in a hurry, or if you do not have an electric or gas hob, you have a troubleshooting solution for making hard boiled eggs. Crazy, no? We explain everything to not leave you hungry and satiate illico a desire for egg mayo!

The kettle is a great cooking tool. We do not necessarily think about it, but it is not useful only to make tea ... The proof.

Step 1: put the eggs in the kettle
Place the eggs , with their shells, in the kettle. Depending on the size of your device, you can go up to 3-4 eggs.

Step 2: add water
Fill the kettle with water until it reaches the maximum level. Be careful not to exceed this level, as the water may overflow at the time of boiling.

Step 3: heat up
Start the heater. When the kettle goes out, wait a minute before restarting the heating. In all, repeat the operation three times.

Step 4: let cool
Pour the water and eggs in a drainer over the sink. Run a little cold water to stop cooking the eggs. Finally,…

How to cook a hard boiled egg?

The hard boiled egg is a must for salads, picnics, and even snacks. If cooking a hard-boiled egg looks simple at first, you have to make sure you respect the cooking time, while adapting it to the type of egg you want to cook. Discover all our tips to easily cook a hard boiled egg and prepare many recipes.

To cook your eggs like professionals, follow our advice and stick to these simple rules . Take the opportunity to take a detour and get inspired by one of our best egg recipes!

What is the cooking time for a hard boiled egg?
The cooking time of the hard egg is the central element of the preparation : if the egg stays a little too much in the water, it will be overcooked, if not a little dry; if it does not remain enough, it will be calf, that is to say, not sufficiently cooked, still flowing. To obtain a boiled egg, you only need to follow the average cooking time, which is 10 minutes in boiling water. Remember to bring a timer so you do not forget the eggs on the fire; it is he wh…

How to make the best hard boiled eggs

Did you know that the best technique for making perfect boiled eggs is ... not to boil them?

But yes! When boiled, the eggs turn gray and rubbery. Their taste does not change, but their appearance, texture and smell are much less pleasant.

The reason is simple: the "alternative" cooking method proposed below is much softer for the delicate flesh of eggs-the equivalent of steaming rather than large broths. When the water boils vigorously, the white (the outside of the egg) will cook much faster than the center, the yellow. This is why the white becomes much too cooked (and less tender) the time that the yellow becomes just enough. The "steaming" method and cold-water cooking give the two parts of the egg a chance to cook evenly!

When the water does not boil for more than a few seconds, naturally-occurring compounds contained in the eggs also do not have time to break free, so that the eggs smell a lot less bad!

In addition, when eggs are allowed to boil, the shell …

With these 7 tricks you will get a perfect hard egg

Did you know that eggs are one of the foods with more protein? Therefore, the Spanish Community Nutrition Society recommends that we consume them three to four times a week. Its moderate consumption provides the nutrients that our body needs for a healthy life in addition to iron, zinc, vitamin D to strengthen bones and two antioxidant nutrients (lutein and zeaxanthin) that protect our eye system.

There are endless ways to cook an egg, but cooking the hard-boiled egg is one of our favorites, because of its versatility and how easy it is to keep them afterwards.

If you've tried, you still have not caught the point, you do not know the cooking time, the yolk never stays in the center and it has a greenish tone, and the shell opens while you're cooking it. keep reading! We have the tricks to make the perfect hard-boiled egg.

1. Let the eggs temper for one hour. With this you will achieve that the shell does not break and does not crack when the egg is cooked.

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